Professional Scrap Metal Merchants



Complete Scrap Metal Merchant Services
Norman’s Scrap Metal can pick up your unwanted scrap metal at no charge but no value. Or you can deliver it to our yard in Penrith and receive payment. Don’t let your unwanted metal objects sit there and rust, turn them into $$$ today!


Recycling metal can save you money and make you money. You can save time and hassle by using a scrap metal merchant to remove recyclable metal from your premises. Whether you have a big job or small job Normans scrap metal can collect all your recyclable metal.
*Cars - Copper - Aluminium - Steel - Batteries - Lead - Stainless Steel - Brass - Electric Motors - Insulated Wire & more*
The professional team at Norman's Scrap Metal is always happy to help. If you're unsure whether your scrap metal is recyclable, please give us a call. We are experts in recyclable metal and should be 
able to tell you over the phone. 

Our team is committed to ultimate safety and professional service. With us, your scrap metal will be removed carefully and safely, leaving no mess. You can trust Norman's Scrap Metal in Penrith to accurately assess the value of your scrap metal and pay you what it is worth. Don't let your scrap metal sit there rusting- turn it into money!
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